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See for where to acquire profitable forest? Buy wood logs. Welcome to the website! Here online you can choose and buy the right wood for you to build a house, baths and other household facilities. For you in the assortment of the round wood, in logs, planks, of various sizes, standing timber. How to buy round wood logs. There are fresh and seasoned wood. Prices in Dnepropetrovsk are very reasonable. There are promotions and discounts, if certain conditions of sale.

Features harvesting scaffolding

For a long time people have been using wood to build houses and outbuildings. And today this natural material has not lost its relevance. Wooden log houses are very popular. This is largely due to the environmental friendliness of timber and its good service life. Selling forest timber of. However, that the wood used in construction really was qualitative and reliable in operation it is necessary to prepare correctly. Knowledge of the basic rules of logging for the production of building materials will help you to make the right choice. Forest for the manufacture of quality timber products made to harvest at the moment when the tree is dormant: the leaves have opal, the SAP flow slowed. The tree cut down during this period practically does not dry up, does not rot and is not warped. For construction best suited coniferous forest and some varieties of deciduous trees. These include oak, birch, alder and several types of wood with good density. For production of timber of the highest grade whips are used. It is a tree trunk, cleared of twigs, crowns and roots. Buy wood pine. Dry wood for production of construction materials from wood is practically not suitable. The forest must be fresh. The tree dries for a reason. Usually this is due to the fact that it gets pests. Etching them from the cut down tree is finally very difficult, and in some cases even impossible. In the future, this can lead to the fleeting destruction of the material and the entire building. The denser the wood, the more reliable, stronger and more durable it is. The best sites for preparation of such wood settle down in territories with a cold climate. Deal in is, that in unfavorable conditions for growth annual rings are rising slowly and densely to each other. This reduces the porosity of wood and increases strength. Wood logs wholesale. Therefore for a choice of the best wood it is necessary to know a place of its growth and cutting down.

Types of timber in construction

The construction materials made of wood by its processing and works of longitudinal and cross cuts call timber. The cut-off barrel is a round version of these materials. After further cutting to get all the other types. Forest timber logs sell. There are several variants of classification of timber varieties according to certain criteria, the main of which is the method of sawing. Saw kinds of wood materials are the most valuable for construction. On the basis of the above criterion there are the following types of timber: round bars — perfectly processed trunk, devoid of bark, swirls and all irregularities; chipped ploughshares — the material obtained by a small round bar with its split into parts; sawn materials are all types of timber obtained by sawing round timber on specialized units. Purchase wood logs. The latest variation presents boards, beams, plates, quarter or slab. They are manufactured in different sizes and with varying degrees of processing.

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How to buy a forest?

Buy wood is very simple. For registration of purchase of timber fill in the application online. Provide your exact details for feedback. Specify the type of timber and their number. Forest timber logs. With the help of an automatic system, the site will calculate the cost of your product taking into account the discount. You will be called by the head of the sawmill to confirm the purchase. Good luck in choosing the right and right timber!

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